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Past and Future Collide.

September 9, 2015 Leave a comment

So, It’s been a while…. I had intended to update this blog more often than this, however this blog has always been kind of “out of the loop”. I plan to change that. I have been working on a lot of ideas. Although, many of them have not gone to fruition. My goal has and is to make a game worthy of being sold.

So, here’s what I’ve been working on over the last two years.


A space civilization game that would be massively customizable, players would control fleets of ships, take control of planets, and customize everything from ship designs to bonuses and upgrades. I stopped working on it after I realised it would take about a year or two just to program it, and at the time I didn’t have enough knowledge to do it.


A horror game that would require players to go through a series of levels, each of them focused on a particular phobia. I dropped this one due to a lack of good ideas for elements in some levels.

Zombie Survival

A zombie survival game that would focus more on resource gathering and survival rather than escape or killing zombies. This one is still on my ‘to make’ list as many of the concepts I have for it are solid. I may come back to this soon, but only time will tell.


A fps with a great twist, that’s all I’ll say about it as I still plan to make it, I just haven’t gotten a good theme for it.


A SIM game that puts you in charge of a guild of adventurers. Never got a good concept of it so it never went far. I may make this, but it’s unlikely.


A building game. I have a good concept and design. The only thing in the way is a mountain of code work. I am certain that this is a sure hit. It’s just the time and work in the way.


A spiritual successor to the tribes franchise. This turned into the sky raid project that I am working on now.


A arena combat game that places players into the role of captains of sea battleships. The game is heavy on tactics, positioning, and strategy. This game got to concept but a number of issues have stopped work on it.


A multiplayer battle arena. Players choose a champion and fight in an arena. I have a lot of great ideas for this however both creating the assets and code for the game is going to take a lot of work.


A shooter that plays with light and shadow. Players fight in a nearly pitch black map, with lights scattered around. Players would have various abilities to allow them to navigate. This project is currently on hold.

golf in space

As the name says it’s a game that you play golf in space. I have the alpha/beta done, but the controls are very hard to use and I can’t think of a way to fix them yet. I plan to port this to android once I can get it in order.


This is a sort of a joke game. Players control fish and fight to the death. This was also my trial by fire for developing a multiplayer game in unity. It’s ‘done’ however I did really want to add several additional features.

TableTop Empire

This is a game that allows you to make your own tabletop games. The game would also have custom rules that the game would enforce. This one was put on hold solely because this project requires a lot of forethought.


A planet colonization game, players would build and maintain cities and try to terraform the planet. I got a lot of work in it, however it came to a grinding halt when I tried to design a combat system.


A 3d puzzle game. Players would drop blocks into a cube that is being destroyed from the inside. I stopped working on it because I expected that it would take a shot time to make. A short time later and the game was a mess of bugs and design flaws. I tried to redesign it as a 2d game, but the issues remained.

So, I’m guessing you’re wondering why exactly I have stop working and so many games. Issue is quality. I don’t want to make some small cookie cutter game that just rips off some one’s else’s designs nor, something that you pick up play for 5 minutes and then never play again.

When I started designing games I came up with a few rules to follow. These are not rules that you need to follow but rather rules that should be followed.

First, always make a game with something new in it. This concept seems very simple however many game designers I have seen over the years ignore this rule altogether. A lot of games on the market are since you just carbon copies of very popular or famous games that did follow this rule. I do not want to do that. I want to make a game that when you play it, it is unlike any other game you’ve ever played before.

Secondly, make a game that I would like. I know those real sounds a bit selfish, but I’m not one of these giant Triple A game developing companies, so I can’t pay to get demographics and target audiences. I have to rely on things that are much more simpler. So I developed for myself because if I like the game then at least people similar to me should like the game as well.

Finally in one of the most important rules is simply to make the game fun. The game is not fun then there’s no reason to play it. Several of the above projects might have been stopped for other reasons but they were dropped because they just didn’t seem fun. Either the gameplay just didn’t hook up, or I just couldn’t see a good reason to play it.

With those ideas in mind, I set up on trying to design a game that would be both within my realm of creation and also one that I would be proud to stand behind. I decided to brainstorm a new plan that would reduce the number of fail projects.

Currently my plan is three fold. First is the new game named Nadir Space. This game is a mix between a few similar game types. However, what makes this game different than my previous projects is I am not reinventing the wheel. Many of the concepts for the game are basic in programming, and there is not much in the way for assets. In fact my previous project, golf in space, has donated a lot towards it.  This is my main goal currently and hope to have a working demo really soon.

The second of the small projects is an android app called “guild wars 2 monitor” this is something I have been waiting to make ever since the API came out for the game, and now that they have version 2 out I think it’s time to get working on it. I have the design down as well as a few extras. I  plan to use  every part of the API as well as having a small wiki(with info on classes, races, regions, lore and other things.), a few tools (should you craft it, crafting helper, dungeon checklist, boss timer, and more) I’d throw in a kitchen sink as well if was guild wars 2 related. I want it to be something that will be a one stop shop for everything about the game. This project it’s probably going to take much longer than the other one mostly due to the fact I do not know how to develop an Android app, so I’m essentially learning as I go.

Lastly is the big project, sky raid, this is going to be a first person shooter that will be free to play with my own idea of a premium system. The game is a reboot of an old project that was mothballed, by the name of flyer. It was the second attempt at a multiplayer game that ran into failure when I reached a point that I realize that I didn’t have the experience to make it. Now though I do have the experience and it should only take time to complete it. I have most of the design already as well as the basics of the story.
As for this blog, I find to keep this site in the center of the game development. Releases for new games will be available here as well as news and update notes. These were originally available on a private server hosted by a friend. However as you may think it was rather hard for anyone to find them that wasn’t already a friend of mine. I hope if I keep them here that more people will find them and more people will enjoy them.

So Expect a lot of chances soon!

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So Two years..

August 21, 2015 Leave a comment

Still Going…
More to Come.

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Something Quick.

March 24, 2013 Leave a comment

Since I posted my Dungeon Tech Demo

I thought I’d post another game here.

This is Also a tech demo but its to a game I’m not working on anymore. (I couldn’t really see anything original with it.) I may come back to it on a later date but not for now..

The game is Equinox. It originally started as a 3D RTS but evolved into a top down bullet hell game.

Download Equinox First Flight

I plan to put another post here eventually with other projects that failed.

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So yeah, im back.

March 7, 2013 Leave a comment

Hello ^_^

Well its been a semi-busy few years, but I think I finally got to a place that resurrection of this.
First off where have I been? I’ve been making games. 🙂 Real games not just mods or maps. I have been working hard in Unity3D Game engine and have already knocked out a few basic fun games. However, now I have reached a point where I am going to start making a full title. (something that will take hours to finish rather than minutes.) It’s called Under-City, and I made it’s own blog for it. You can find the Blog here : (Labyrinth was the tentative title of it while I worked on/off on it)  I will be making most of my posts over there as I work on the project.

Does that mean I’m going to abandon this blog again? Nope.

I’ll be posting here additional things I do alongside Under-City. Including the games I have made in the time since the last post, and a few other things.

Finally let me just say this since I haven’t said it yet. I am no longer working on Hammer Maps, Tribes City, or anything else in the past. Once I found Unity It made EVERYTHING so much easier.

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I’m still here…

February 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Yeah been a few months. Various events have put this thing on the back, back, back, back burner. First as you may have noticed I didn’t release my “release day” pack. the problem is I have been for a long time losing interesting in Team Fortress 2. The game has been moving from a stylish 80’s spy movie game to a massive tumor of advertisement for other games.  This and the fact that Even though i pull some 40-50 fps in most other games tf2 will not go over 20fps. and in most intensive areas it doesn’t go over 9…. Ive tried many things but to no use….


I AM still working on maps. However I’m working towards a “get them out in any way” Strategy than “get them out perfect” Even so Expect an interesting release in the next few days.. (and its not what you think  ^_^)

Now, as you may have remembered i mentioned a “big” project, well Its whats taking most of my work currently. I finally put a few things down and began to work on it. I expect to Release More info about it Soon.

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Quick update

November 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Just a quick update, Ive finished the basic layout of holiday humbug.

The game will be an original game mode using ctf entities. I haven’t finalized it yet but currently its red and blue team must take their respective presents and set them under the mega xmas tree in the center of the map. after X minutes whoever has more there wins! This is the Holiday part  of the map. I’m still thinking up the humbug part ^_^

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Late as usual.

November 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Yeah, Ive been meaning to post again for a while. ALOT has been happening…

First! I’m planning on having a “release day”(kinda like a valve release.) where I will upload and release multiple maps

Currently the list is likely to be

CP_iron (my dustbowl style alpine map im about 80% to an alpha on it.)
Ctf_close(see below)
Koth_meatgrinder( beta of a close corners koth map)
Holiday_humbug(see below)

The list is subject to change and I’m hoping a close to Xmas release of them.


Now the question is what is ctf_close and Holiday humbug, well both a TBD names for two new maps im making.


CTF_close is a very small ctf map that encourages chaos here’s a concept of it. Apologies if you cant understand my chicken-scratch.



Holiday humbug is going to be a xmas map for tf2, I dont know exactly if I’m going to do it yet. But i have allot of ideas and I’m sure something will come out of it.


I have submitted my first hat to valve!

Its my Maniac’s Repertoire,

I hope its included…

I plan on also submitting the hat i used in the hat tutorial.


FINALLY Im working on a BIGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! project right now. not much info on it right now…

but i will say this… 1) its a game 2)its got some of my best stuff yet in it. 3) Its going to be an episodic game so hopefully after the initial resources are made i can put out additional content fast.

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