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Something Quick.

March 24, 2013 Leave a comment

Since I posted my Dungeon Tech Demo

I thought I’d post another game here.

This is Also a tech demo but its to a game I’m not working on anymore. (I couldn’t really see anything original with it.) I may come back to it on a later date but not for now..

The game is Equinox. It originally started as a 3D RTS but evolved into a top down bullet hell game.

Download Equinox First Flight

I plan to put another post here eventually with other projects that failed.

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So yeah, im back.

March 7, 2013 Leave a comment

Hello ^_^

Well its been a semi-busy few years, but I think I finally got to a place that resurrection of this.
First off where have I been? I’ve been making games. 🙂 Real games not just mods or maps. I have been working hard in Unity3D Game engine and have already knocked out a few basic fun games. However, now I have reached a point where I am going to start making a full title. (something that will take hours to finish rather than minutes.) It’s called Under-City, and I made it’s own blog for it. You can find the Blog here : (Labyrinth was the tentative title of it while I worked on/off on it)  I will be making most of my posts over there as I work on the project.

Does that mean I’m going to abandon this blog again? Nope.

I’ll be posting here additional things I do alongside Under-City. Including the games I have made in the time since the last post, and a few other things.

Finally let me just say this since I haven’t said it yet. I am no longer working on Hammer Maps, Tribes City, or anything else in the past. Once I found Unity It made EVERYTHING so much easier.

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