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Getting into gear

May 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Its time to kick it up to 11 and get this party started! Yep been a long time since I posted AGIAN. but for good reason.. I’ve been busy with some really awesome things. One of them will be announced a little later. But for now I am happy to announce in Conjunction with Mobile Armor Division 6


and lookie! promo video!

For more information about tribes city check the new tribes city Category where all my posts about the project will be.

Today I will talk about a new system. I developed to make complicated buildings for the map.

First off Tribes Vengeance uses the Unreal engine, therefore i use the unreal editor to make the map. And no offense to those unreal fans out there but I HATE IT!!!!.  I always feel like I have a hand tied behind my back when using it compared to the Hammer. For one is its strict rules on BSP’s So I began to realize if I wanted to make some of the buildings I was dreaming up for the map I would have to do some sort of system. That’s when I remembered a video I watched some years ago about some building construction in second life where the person designed the building in full in a 3d editor then copied it into the game. I decided to use a system similar to this..


I actually did this step mostly with graph paper. Where I  drew the basic layout With each room. Using this I Fired up my handy-dandy 3d editor and drew the outline of each floor.

Note this is NOT each floor but the floor and the ceiling of each floor. So the layers go Basement(I just duplicated this twice later), ground floor, floor2, roof

Afterwards I moved into a 2D grid and began to make the BSP’s As any game designer knows BSP’s have a few things you can do with them. the #1 no no is Making it Concave. Each bsp must be Convex. So i went to build the floor with this first in mind and the layout of the room second. As you can only have one texture on each face I needed the bsp’s to line up with the rooms so that each room could have its own textures without it fighting with the next door’s room floor. Eventually I finished and came out with this.

Layout is
B  |F2

After this is just a matter of putting it into the game. The walls are extremely easy as all I have to do is follow the BSP lines already placed above.

and so It bcomes this.

Now this is just the BPS and there’s models andtextures to place, but you can see how much easier it makes creating these complicated buildings..

Originally, I was going to just use this for this building. But It was such a success I’ve already planned to do this with 3 more buildings.

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