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I’m still here…

February 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Yeah been a few months. Various events have put this thing on the back, back, back, back burner. First as you may have noticed I didn’t release my “release day” pack. the problem is I have been for a long time losing interesting in Team Fortress 2. The game has been moving from a stylish 80’s spy movie game to a massive tumor of advertisement for other games.¬† This and the fact that Even though i pull some 40-50 fps in most other games tf2 will not go over 20fps. and in most intensive areas it doesn’t go over 9…. Ive tried many things but to no use….


I AM still working on maps. However I’m working towards a “get them out in any way” Strategy than “get them out perfect” Even so Expect an interesting release in the next few days.. (and its not what you think¬† ^_^)

Now, as you may have remembered i mentioned a “big” project, well Its whats taking most of my work currently. I finally put a few things down and began to work on it. I expect to Release More info about it Soon.

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