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Quick update

November 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Just a quick update, Ive finished the basic layout of holiday humbug.

The game will be an original game mode using ctf entities. I haven’t finalized it yet but currently its red and blue team must take their respective presents and set them under the mega xmas tree in the center of the map. after X minutes whoever has more there wins! This is the Holiday part  of the map. I’m still thinking up the humbug part ^_^

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Late as usual.

November 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Yeah, Ive been meaning to post again for a while. ALOT has been happening…

First! I’m planning on having a “release day”(kinda like a valve release.) where I will upload and release multiple maps

Currently the list is likely to be

CP_iron (my dustbowl style alpine map im about 80% to an alpha on it.)
Ctf_close(see below)
Koth_meatgrinder( beta of a close corners koth map)
Holiday_humbug(see below)

The list is subject to change and I’m hoping a close to Xmas release of them.


Now the question is what is ctf_close and Holiday humbug, well both a TBD names for two new maps im making.


CTF_close is a very small ctf map that encourages chaos here’s a concept of it. Apologies if you cant understand my chicken-scratch.



Holiday humbug is going to be a xmas map for tf2, I dont know exactly if I’m going to do it yet. But i have allot of ideas and I’m sure something will come out of it.


I have submitted my first hat to valve!

Its my Maniac’s Repertoire,

I hope its included…

I plan on also submitting the hat i used in the hat tutorial.


FINALLY Im working on a BIGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! project right now. not much info on it right now…

but i will say this… 1) its a game 2)its got some of my best stuff yet in it. 3) Its going to be an episodic game so hopefully after the initial resources are made i can put out additional content fast.

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