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well look at that!

Hey I actually did something on time for once! Usually I get sidetracked with another project and leave it in cold storage. Anyways, I said i would get a chart together listing my maps I am currently working on. and Here it is!

(Click on it to make it bigger)

Feel free to spread the chart around. As usual the more response I get for a map the more encouraged I am to work on it. Also commenting on any post helps too. I’m always open to suggestions and often take them and incorporate them into my map.

Oh, and this test server? A good friend of mine was gracious enough to make a server for me and my friends to play and test out maps on.

the ip is

add it to your favorites, If you see it on one of my maps then is highly likely I’m in it testing out a new iteration or just having fun on a map.

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