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September 23, 2010 Leave a comment

So I just uploaded my art pass contest entry. And with that I’m off to other projects. (you can find my map here:

But before I start rambling on about my next big thing.  Ill spend some time explaining what I did for the art pass.

For those of you who are saying “what the hell is an artpass?” Here’s how the contest worked.
everyone Got a copy of the same map, however all the textures have been reverted to a basic white and most of the models removed.  Each entrants job is to turn that in a fully lighted textured, and modeled map.

What did I go for?

The first thing I did on the map is load it in tf2 and play a few round with bots. This allowed me to look over the map and think about how i would want it. to look. During my play i noticed how A point was in an alcove that looked like a cave. This developed me to think about making it that the Red base was inside a mountain. Secondly the wall on the other side was solid as well. making a small canyon through to B point. This is where I got the idea for a canyon. However I knew I needed a hook for the map, One map I always loved was pipeline. However it seems in the circles i go in the map is not that popular. However the lighting in the map was great. dark outside with it bright in the combat areas. I decided to model the lighting after that map, however doing it in a rural location rather than an industrial one.

Midnight Canyon

That is what I called the theme.  I wanted to have a balance between light and dark, similar to what you would see  at a gas station during the night. Bright where it counts and dark where it doesn’t. I used light strings to illuminate the outdoors locations and spot and point lights for the indoors parts.  As work progressed I also decided to have many of the vista rooms dark, as if the non-essential personal have already gone home for the night and this battle was really unscheduled.

Catching the hint

Even though the map was white washed you cant erase intent, as i went through the map I noticed small things that they forgot to remove. although I do not take this very serious I use them as a hint on how the original author intended the map. This gives me my own ideas on the map. For instance the func_occluder showed that that wall was designed to split the level to reduce lag. I kept it and turned it into a rock wall and used that Occluder as well as a few hint textures,  to help with reducing lag.

The Skybox

I wanted the canyon to spill out into a bowl of sorts, I guess you could call it a dustbowl (har har har tf2 joke). The initial bowl was a displacement subdivided into a bowl after some modification i decided to add in some large rocks. The dam was last go in, Originally it was part of the cliff with a railroad track on it and two tunnels. However Creativity sparked when i saw the dam. The other side of the canyon was made to look like it would continue for many miles after the map. The buildings along the canyon where the last thing added.  Finally the actual game area was raised considerably to cover up the transition between game world and sky box. the Train about B point originally was in the skybox at the top of the canyon however I decided to bring it down and have it as a train going through the sides of the canyon. This also allowed me to add additional details not available in the skybox.

Red base

Always being a person of substance I wanted there to be a reason for this assault. as one of my initial vistas was a seemingly endless server room I thought What if this was some sort of information spy base, where red spies on blu’s doings? That would be a very valuable target and the concept of it being in a mountain would fit as well. I continued to add various tech stuff. (server rooms, map rooms, and control rooms) Finally the grand chalupa, a giant server core resting above and below C point. The more violent part below, thus explaining why falling down would kill you. above I added cameras witch in turn used as light sources to light the pathways around the point. and three satellite dishes pointed out to space


fpc’s or Fake Player Characters(a play on the term NPC) are something I added to the map’s vistas. Basically there player models that are just models with an animation command. I first dabbled in them in my Summit map. (the first map to use FPC’s in vistas.) For this map I added 4 fpc’s 2 spies 1 demo and 1 scout, I wont say where they all are(try to find them ^_^). however my favorite was the spy in the red spawn vista. set on a conveyor belt inside a red hallway. He rides it down towards an inaccessible Intel room, as he goes he watches his pda, occasionally taunting. Keep watching him a few times and he may really show you the reason hes heading for the red Intel room.

So what now?

Now I get back to work on the maps I put on the back burner, Coming soon I want to do a “Whats next” graph that will show what maps are upcoming and how far along I am with them.

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5 more days 1 new video

September 20, 2010 Leave a comment

So 5 more days till art-pass contest is over and I can get to work on my other projects. Currently nearly everything else has been shelved so I can work on this map.  Its almost done now.

Where did I record it you ask?! Well My friend finally got his server running! what does this mean? I CAN MAP TEST AGAIN!!! or at least once this map is done ^_^…

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