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A video is worth a thousand pictures

And so I made a movie. Of what you asked? My art-pass contest map. This will be the first map where I will make particle effects for it as well! I finally figured out how to do them(once you figure out what everything does its quite simple.)

so anyways the video!

I’m still trying to work on my “midnight canyon” theme. the effort is to enough light into the map so all combat areas are brightly lit while the outing area are darker and naturally its getting this to actually bend that’s the hard part…

another thing, this is the first time I used the demo smoother. quite an interesting little tool. Although it works like most valve tools, powerful but chaotic and slightly buggy.

I’m still trying to write up a few how to-tutorials to post here. (im adding particle effects to the list as well.) I found when working with source that many of the advanced items have little to no help for them, leaving those who want to do the cool stuff, out in the cold(irony?). I hope to make a bridge with some tutorials so that other developers can use them to work on more advanced things. Like particle effects, Modeling, and other things.

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