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lurking mapper.

Recently Ive been the recipient of multiple mails asking about my current activities in neotokyo. so I decided to make a post to explain everything.

Currently all work on any neotokyo map has been shelved. I have decided this due to many issues,

-Dead community.
Although trying to post that on the official forums would ignite a flame-war. the community is on its last legs. I used to map for Tribes:Vengeance, a game that lost official support one month after release, and even after several years later it had a more active community than neotokyo current state. Let me be frank. The main cause of this was a “creative tumor” the designers with pure intentions, focused themselves on a game mode that was extremely harsh on beginners.  Join a game, Play for a few seconds, Get killed in your first sortie, wait for 5-10minutes till next round. This game mode is liked by some, however not by all. and with the game focused more on stealth and tactics, It causes a long stalemates. where either team refuses to move forward at the threat that they may be killed. A “respawning gamemode” is in the works, and I plan to continue mapping once its released.

-Restrictive SDK
Unfortunately whoever developed the coding for neotokyo did it in a restrictive nature that blocks creative new ideas for game modes by map makers. In other source games a mapper has access to countless opportunities and ways to modify how entities work in the game. In Fact, Payload game mode in Team Fortress 2 Is just Control point game mode with the capture area parented onto a moving object. In neotokyo however a player can only control what game mode and where the ghost spawns and can be captured.  I Actually have Several Game modes I would like to try but Without some new input/outputs I cant do much.

-Buggy game
The game is still Far buggy for me. And i know for many others. the game still crashes at random, server connection lost for 10-20 seconds after joining  a server, and I can still not play on redlight without loading the map on my computer THEN joining the server.

Work in neotokyo is a hassle, one I have had enough of. although Its all 3 that made me have this decision. If any one of them was fixed i would probly get back to mapping for neotokyo. Until then however I’ll wait.

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