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Hey You! Yeah You Listen up!

August 13, 2010 Leave a comment

If your reading this then I’m talking directly to you… Right now I’m working on doing a tutorial for hat making for tf2.. However I deicing on If  I should do it as a text tutorial or video… So I need your input! Just vote in the poll below! That’s it, Just hit your choice and vote!

I dont care if you just found this site by searching for the best way to peel Kiwis. Just vote in it!

Thank you.

Pool is closed thanks for voting

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A video is worth a thousand pictures

August 8, 2010 Leave a comment

And so I made a movie. Of what you asked? My art-pass contest map. This will be the first map where I will make particle effects for it as well! I finally figured out how to do them(once you figure out what everything does its quite simple.)

so anyways the video!

I’m still trying to work on my “midnight canyon” theme. the effort is to enough light into the map so all combat areas are brightly lit while the outing area are darker and naturally its getting this to actually bend that’s the hard part…

another thing, this is the first time I used the demo smoother. quite an interesting little tool. Although it works like most valve tools, powerful but chaotic and slightly buggy.

I’m still trying to write up a few how to-tutorials to post here. (im adding particle effects to the list as well.) I found when working with source that many of the advanced items have little to no help for them, leaving those who want to do the cool stuff, out in the cold(irony?). I hope to make a bridge with some tutorials so that other developers can use them to work on more advanced things. Like particle effects, Modeling, and other things.

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lurking mapper.

August 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Recently Ive been the recipient of multiple mails asking about my current activities in neotokyo. so I decided to make a post to explain everything.

Currently all work on any neotokyo map has been shelved. I have decided this due to many issues,

-Dead community.
Although trying to post that on the official forums would ignite a flame-war. the community is on its last legs. I used to map for Tribes:Vengeance, a game that lost official support one month after release, and even after several years later it had a more active community than neotokyo current state. Let me be frank. The main cause of this was a “creative tumor” the designers with pure intentions, focused themselves on a game mode that was extremely harsh on beginners.  Join a game, Play for a few seconds, Get killed in your first sortie, wait for 5-10minutes till next round. This game mode is liked by some, however not by all. and with the game focused more on stealth and tactics, It causes a long stalemates. where either team refuses to move forward at the threat that they may be killed. A “respawning gamemode” is in the works, and I plan to continue mapping once its released.

-Restrictive SDK
Unfortunately whoever developed the coding for neotokyo did it in a restrictive nature that blocks creative new ideas for game modes by map makers. In other source games a mapper has access to countless opportunities and ways to modify how entities work in the game. In Fact, Payload game mode in Team Fortress 2 Is just Control point game mode with the capture area parented onto a moving object. In neotokyo however a player can only control what game mode and where the ghost spawns and can be captured.  I Actually have Several Game modes I would like to try but Without some new input/outputs I cant do much.

-Buggy game
The game is still Far buggy for me. And i know for many others. the game still crashes at random, server connection lost for 10-20 seconds after joining  a server, and I can still not play on redlight without loading the map on my computer THEN joining the server.

Work in neotokyo is a hassle, one I have had enough of. although Its all 3 that made me have this decision. If any one of them was fixed i would probly get back to mapping for neotokyo. Until then however I’ll wait.

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