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July 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Sooo. Valve did a mapping contest….and yes, I’m joining the fray..

The theme I went for Is what I’m calling “midnight canyon” basically the same lighting theme used on pipeline but set in a desert setting. The map itself starts in a giant Gulch this leads into a canyon that stretches far beyond the game world. As for red’s base It is set into the canyon wall. Inside red is housing a computer database system that is the target for blu.

currently I’m about 56% done. Ive finished re-texturing everything as well as doing new displacements. Ive got basic lighting up to B I still have to work out the skybox and add detail props.

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Quest for the ultimate update.

July 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Soooo What have I been up to? a few things.. mainly my shield item.  I have decided to redesign it a bit so it looks more tf2-y. I’m going to try to write up a concept how to using it as a base. I do realize I often wall of text this page. So ill try to add plenty of pictures. (there giving me 3gb of storage might as well use it.)

Secondly I have decided to go back and finish the test model I made to work my way through getting hats and weapon items working in tf2.  Its a hat for the pyro That’s basically a Felt tophat. Right now I’m doing my paranoid perfectionist sweep of the model. I’m trying to be kind to myself so I can at least get it out in a few days.

As for mapping Ive been spending most of my time doing the model so this work has been lacking.. I have 3 maps I’ve been working on (including an old one i decided to pick back up.)

Thats all for now. this was just a “I’m still alive” post. I hope to add more soon….Also wanted to post that Gold Fortress 2 pic i made although I couldn’t get the rag-dolls to stand up correctly.  for some reason only the pyro’s model will stay standing after goldification(austrialiumification?) guess the pyro’s got big feet….hrmm Abe Lincoln had big feet too if I remember…he he he

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