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Whatever happened to king of the train?

June 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Yeah, Seems that its dropped off what radar Ive had. So what happened? Plenty and none at all. Tuth is the first version has been ready for testing for a few weeks now. However Ive been reluctant to just throw it out to the masses without any testing. so I’ve been in the works of arranging a test server.. And Its almost ready! When i get everything set up ill post the ip here so you can come and test the map when its on. untill then,


The recent patch to tf2 that added mac capability may have seemed like a small thing to an average gamer but the implementation of the training mode has given Many new things to us mappers to make Better, more interesting and Dynamic maps.

Here’s a roundup of the biggest things:

New on screen boxes that give information about objects in the 3d world. absolutely priceless to those complicated maps and game modes.

Something I’ve been hoping for(although what i wasted was weapon specific.) This allows you to make objects that are only damaged by certain weapons! such as a valve that only breaks to a melee weapon hit.

This allows you to take the reigns of the new tf_Bots and control their actions to a degree. This opens a lot of doors to bot vs player’s map.

In fact im already began working on a Bot defense map called survival_alley where rows of scouts run down the alley trying to make it to the other side.. if too many make it BOOM and everyone dies!

Mark my words, with these new add-ions Many Fun maps are on the horizon!

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An annoying gameplay problem and the solution.

June 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Sooo, I think everyone who has played engineer has experienced this.. Your defending the control point, you precariously placed your sentry just right, place the dispenser so its out of the way but still accessible. And placed a teleport you can get everyone up to where you are. you just finish getting everything to lv3 when the sound of engineering hell, Stickies. all it takes is 3 and all your work is done for…

Now, How can I fix this? I dont work for valve so what can i do? Simple, Make it myself…

Yep, I’m working on models now!

the Projectile sheild will be a replacement for the engineer that keeps those lone demo man away at the cost of your dispenser.

Heres what it does:

Replaces dispenser
All enemy projectiles that hit the sheild are reflected off in a random direction.
Projectiles dont change owner. Each projectile that hits the sheild subtracts 25 energy from the sheild.

non/projectile weapons are not affected by the sheild.

all friendly projectile weapons are negated at not energy cost. Sentry rockets are not negated.

All explosions outside the sheild do not harm whatever is inside however each explosion takes off damage/3 energy.

If all energy is depleated sheild shuts down untill energy is fully restored.

energy is shown on engineer hud.

cost 100 metal
150 health
model size approx 95×49
192 range
100 energy
10 energy recharged a second

180 health
256 range
125 energy
12.5 energy recharged a second

216 health
320 range
150 energy
15 energy recharged a second

balance ideas(can be implimented to balance sheild.)
sheild can be recharged with metal.
Energy/regen can be changed.
reduced health
top of sheild is damageable.

Also keep your eyes peeled for an important update coming soon..

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