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Skeletons in the closet.

Yes im working on Kott2 I’m busy hammering down the last few problems and getting everything looking somewhat presentable for the first balance testing release of my map.

Ive always tried to be creative in my maps, and as many of my testers know Ill try to push the limits of my mapping. However pushing the limits can often cause them to break, very badly… And such i present to you my failures.. these are maps that never quite made it to release, Many of them are just dev textures, while others are fully textured proped and rigged, however every map Has something wrong with it that prevented it to be released..


This was before when I was deep into Neotokyo mapping and wanted to make the traditional Cherry blossoms blowing in the wind thing. However due to the fact Neotokyo was modded in the old version of source It didn’t have access to custom particles and thus my efforts where for naught. That’s when I decided to make a Tf2 map. (one above) I didnt want to really map that big of a map. Mostly since I wanted it to be quality over size. Due to the fact King of the Hill was not implemented into tf2 yet i was forced to make it a Arena map(a game mode I have always despised).  This eventually wore down my initiative to make the map and stalled it before I could do any more than get a rough layout… I may still restart this map later but for now its on cold storage..


CF_docks or Control Fuel docks, was a custom game mode and map I designed. The map is fully textured and rigged. The game mode was this: 3 control points  and 2 fuel depots, one next to each teams spawn. When a team captured a point the fuel tank would fill, More points faster filling. once full the team wins(yes its domination).  The map itself was deigned to be a “muli-map” and idea I spawned from a previous game I played. There are CTF, CP, CF, and arena versions of Docks. my idea was to release them as a map pack. same map played 4 different ways. Balancing was a nightmare and I had to start making special objects and sets for each game mode, Something that drew away from the original concept. This eventual put the map on cold storage.. Due to its ability to be used for nearly every symmetrical map game mode It may just see the light as some other game mode.


The concept of this map came from two things, 1)was the want to make a canyon map(both teams fighting across a canyon.  2) was a part of the meet the spy video (this scene) Where they have an underground base from the cave entrance. And so I began work on Canyon. adding a back door on the upper level similar to the one in the scene. This coupled with a large defend-able  entrance. The problem came inside the base that went through iteration after iteration. each being either too complex, to hard/easy to defend. or very hard to model. Eventually I gave up and put the map down to cold storage..


Ahh, infamous bayfeild. This is the first map I ever made. The maps balance is great, game play is great, everything is great, the map is fully ready to compile… If it would compile… for some reason this map has been unable to compile after the beta version. I know if i go back to it now i could probably find the problem. However The map has lost its “theme” I’m my opinion and Ive move onto other things. However this map has in a way continued on.. Next time your in King of the Train take a look in to the skybox. this map is in it!


Do a barrel roll! no really! this was an interesting idea i had. a slew a barrels falls from the top of a hill the objective of the teams is to get up the mountain and cap the point at the top. hit a barrel and YOU DIE! The map started with problems. the barrels would get caught and start stacking up and causing massive lag. Even after I added a timeout to the barrel the barrels still lagged the server considerably. Secondly once a player reached the top It was nearly impossible to get him off due to the fact that a player would have to fight him and the barrels at the same time. Finally i wanted to make special barrel types, Exploding barrels, Iron unbreakable barrels, barrels that break with health inside, and more. However this needed me to model special barrels. Something I didn’t know how to do at the time. So the map eventually was thrown into the freezer.


I SOOO want this map to work correctly.. However this is my classic case of pushing the envelope too far. everything in the map is either destroyable or moves with damage! the idea was to have 4 warehouse buildings with multiple barriers blocking each teams, The teams would have to destroy walls and barriers to reach the enemy team! even more there are 4 pillars inside the buildings that if destroyed take the entire building down on everyone inside!! Problem is 1, crush damage doesn’t work in tf2. so I would have to lace a kill field inside every object if i wanted to make the crashing buildings work correctly. Also, when rendered with shadows, the entire building gets a checkerboard pattern from the separated breakable objects.  surface to say two serious problems with the map that would need to be fixed by a valve patch if this map would see daylight.


streak (like Winning streak) was designed to be a fast paced map with teams battling between two close bases. whats more ever so often a train would go right through the map forcing team to use the lower or upper routes. as you may notice the map is fully textured, rigged, and lighted. However, there where two problems. one was func_train hates turning upwards/downwards. It would sharply turn the train cars  that made the train look very odd after it left the map. Secondly was MASSIVE game play hole. once a scout had the intel and was out the side door he could easily get to his base by jumping over the gorge in the picture. and with the layout of the map  no one who saw the scout grab it could even get out of their base before the scout was back on his side and running into his base for the cap. I wanted to move the intel into a basement however This left even more problems and drew attention to the lower floors where I didn’t want it.


This is the 3rd map i did, and a attempt at a custom game mode I found.  The game mode is Siege. Red would attack the blue base, First busting down the front door, then destroying 3 “relay stations” then finally the core. After the core is destroyed the base explodes. The map had a solid design.. If it was about 50% smaller. being that this was a early map I still didn’t have proportion correct and several rooms as WAYY to big or small. So I would have to totally recreate the map if i wanted to go any further with it. One thing i did take off of it was my “hidden sentry” prefab, I don’t have a place for it yet… but ill find one someday…


Its tug of war, basically both teams push the cart to the enemy base, Once the cart reaches it it explodes destroying a room in front of the spawn. The map never was finished due to game play problems. basically the game was either a slaughter or a stalemate.


This was when I thought “if well has 2 trains” I wonder how fun it would be if there where more trains?  this map has 10 trains! each going through the map at various spots, many times spots where combat is likely to happen! the problem of the map was length. It was easy to die and took a while to get back to the battle. It eventually lost interest. This map still lives on in spirit, many pieces of the map are lifted for newer maps. Most recently I used the Lighting that was in a part of this map for a eye-candy room in King of the Train 2.


There is nothing wrong with this map, no seriously there isn’t! The map started from a piece of valve concept art for lumberyard(shown here). The map was going to be 6point 3 round cp map similar to dust bowl. The problem was simple…time. This map came shortly after release of Summit. and I realized making large maps is Tiring. I sill haven’t fully recovered form the effort from summit. Eventually I may release this.. but not for a while….

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