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Thermo optics still working…

Not to draw away from the announcement of KOTT2 Im working on a few other things as well.

1)a recent post in the neotokyo forums as sparked my initiative  to try to make a neotokyo tutorial map. The map revolves around a jinrai recon infiltrating a NSF protected lab to steal some important security files. However as usual it never goes according to plan. Ive layout a template for about 80% of the map. and hope to get something working soon. oh and watch out for the proxy mines! ^_^

2)I’m starting to look into the programming side of Source, My hope is to make game mods for source. For now I’m planning on making a single player mod. However Its all chicken soup to me so I’m having to learn C++ as I learn source C++. Its kinda like someone teaching you English to French while another teaches you french to German. Not to mention the programming side of the SDK wiki seems less updated, so I’m a bit lost on some of it.  I do have an idea on a story for it but I want to have something down before I say anything.

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