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Thermo optics still working…

March 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Not to draw away from the announcement of KOTT2 Im working on a few other things as well.

1)a recent post in the neotokyo forums as sparked my initiative  to try to make a neotokyo tutorial map. The map revolves around a jinrai recon infiltrating a NSF protected lab to steal some important security files. However as usual it never goes according to plan. Ive layout a template for about 80% of the map. and hope to get something working soon. oh and watch out for the proxy mines! ^_^

2)I’m starting to look into the programming side of Source, My hope is to make game mods for source. For now I’m planning on making a single player mod. However Its all chicken soup to me so I’m having to learn C++ as I learn source C++. Its kinda like someone teaching you English to French while another teaches you french to German. Not to mention the programming side of the SDK wiki seems less updated, so I’m a bit lost on some of it.  I do have an idea on a story for it but I want to have something down before I say anything.

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All on board!

March 27, 2010 1 comment

OK one month has past since my small update on a big thing. And now its time for the juicy details!


For those of you who didn’t know the original  kott was a “test map” just to see if the game mode would be fun. This is the full blown map, and its big! I mean really big! you can probably fit 2fort in it big!

How KOTT2 works;

the capture train will be cut down to a more easier to battle size(one saw in the picture before) It circles a small mountain, going through each team’s base. there are two routes to go through the enemy base, one that goes along the outskirts and one that plows through the center. What way the train goes is controlled by a “switch station control point” on each side of the map. when the enemy team captures the enemy switch station the train then goes through the center of the enemy base. In order to win you must have the train captured while your team has the enemy switching station captured. This leads the train down the path to The enemy base where it will switch onto the track that leads into the enemy base destroying it and winning the game for you. The map will be littered in Easter eggs and plenty of places you can ambush train passengers at.

This is the Red spawn Complete with a sniper deck and a curious train track leading into it. (Now I wonder what that does? ^_^)

This is a new feature for this map that I’m still hesitant about. Mini-trains. 3 types; a sentry train, a dispener train and a bomb train. the sentry and dispenser trains move as fast as the regular train and have a upgradable lv1 sentry or dispenser. be careful however, if the dispenser/sentry are destroyed the train explodes killing the user and anyone next to it.

The bomb train however moves much quicker than the other trains and will detonate  if it hits any train. with a 2x larger blast radius than the other carts. very good to send against the capture train if the enemy has a solid hold on it.  the bomb will be able to be destroyed if its damaged enough.

In order to get these carts you must capture the enemy intel toolbox once you bring it to whatever mini-train platform the train spawns.

This is the switching station for blue’s base. If red captures it the train goes along the red path however if blu owns it it goes along the blue path. blue by default owns it.

a small cave that separates the two teams bases. this allows easy access for both teams to reach the enemy base and do some mischievous hijinks the map is designed to be incredibly open and allows players to develop their own plan of attack on the train.

I’m working hard to get this map out asap. and hope to get it done sometime in April. I still have to do all the displacements and add plenty of additional detail in into the map(many of the buildings are just blocks right now…)  Until if you have any suggestions or comments please leave them here, and spread the word! KING OF THE TRAIN 2 IS COMING!

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