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What ive been up to…

December 27, 2009 6 comments

Yeah, I haven’t updated this in a month.  Ive been busy.. First off ive put all Neotokyo Maps on the backburner for now. Ill probly get back to them eventually, however I’ve been working full force in Tf2 again. Im starting work on two brand new maps.

But wait! Being the evil genius I am Both maps will have completely new game-modes!

First Is a map ive been wanting to make ever since the Halloween update. I’m currently calling it fr_terror This will be the first map that will have Custom models in it! Yep Ive finally got around to learning how to port models into tf2! This map is by far no easy task and ill probably be lucky to get it to a testing level in two months. It will be the single most worked on map I’ve have done yet.

I’m at about 20% and I know for certain it will have at least. Custom Particles(also a first for me!), 8 custom models(currently, Will probably increase as more of the map is made.), 10 custom textures(once again currently and to increase later!). It will also use some stuff from the Swamp pack released on

Now about the map. Its going to be a mansion, and not any mansion! The mansion of the late Zepheniah Mann! The mansion is run down with two long abandoned red and blu bases hidden underground. There are about 12 rooms on the ground floor and 8-12 on the second(haven’t planned the 2nd floor fully out yet). Each room of the mansion has something spooky happening in it! From simple Moving objects to a full blown Spectral encounter with the inhabitants and your allys of battles long past.

The game mode for terror will be: find and retrieve

Four Intel cases will spawn at random in the mansion (each room has a chance to spawn a case inside) the team that retrieves all four wins.  as you may have guessed its highly likely one team will take 2-3 while the other team take the other 2-1 at this point the teams must invade the enemy base to retrieve the cases that the enemy holds. Once a team gets all 4 they win. This should give players plenty of time to explore the mansion and discover what secrets it holds. Not to mention the quickest way between the bases is through the mansion.

The Second map I started on just a few days ago. cr_headlands The map is being made as a summit 2.0 (pl_summit is a map I made before however due to problems I have been stalled in its creation. you can find the beta of it on fpsbanana) the map will looks similar to summit in many ways; an objective at the top that is always visible, the feel of climbing a hill. but without some of the problems I ran into in summit. right now at about 10% done with the alpha.

Like I said it will be a new game-mode; cap rush

Think of it like a combination of payload and attack/defense ctf. How it works is blu team will have an intel case. their ultimate objective is to deliver it to the cap point at the base of a rocket at the end of the map. However the point starts out locked. as well has X number of caps before it. In order the unlock a cap point the player must capture the mini-cap points before it. each one will be in a line heading up the hill. In order to cap the second minicap you need to first cap the first minicap. and so forth. Once all the mini-caps are caped the first checkpoint cap will unlock and be able to be capped. If however the intel gets returned before they cap the checkpoint cap. all the previous minicaps turn back to red side. after the first checkpoint cap is capped the intel spawns at that point and they must capture the next set of minicaps! The game mode is still being thought out so it may change before the alpha is played on the test-server. ^_^

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