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in case you don’t regular the neotokyo forums. I released a new map a few days ago for neotokyo. Its called terminal (as in airplane terminal) It takes place on an airplane that is under a hostage situation. If you wish to download or view more about the map go to the download page  http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/116655


This will be a few remarks on the map and hints to how I did things.

When I made the cargo area I needed suitcases, and lots of them. People who fly have suitcases and there stored in the cargo hold. so I needed something to convey that. In left for dead they conveyed that with piles of suitcases everywhere, However the zombie Apocalypse has not yet happen in Neotokyo so I had to do something different. This is what I came up with.

This is 3 groups of objects

1)a bunch of suitcases stacked together under Prop_dynamic_override
2)a brush with a transparent grate texture to form the box around the suitcases.
3)the pallet model to form a bottom that could be used.  This way you can see lots of suitcases and they wouldn’t get in the way of game play..

Looks like I forgot a hachicoma huh? no its there, just cloaked.  This little Easter egg is really the remains of a larger more elaborate one.  Originally I wanted the hachi to be visible until shot, then it would cloak for 20-30 seconds before uncloaking. however the ordering of this caused some problems that couldn’t be resolved without more complicated things. so I junked the entire thing and just had it invisible from the start. as it was only an Easter egg I didn’t spend much effort in it, There are much more important things to do.

The exterior of the plane where one team spawns is incredibility dark however this is brighter than the first pass I made with lighting. Originally I wanted no lights whatsoever outside, but eventually started to had some small ones. However with any light change the lights don’t spread to the skybox. witch causes lines in the ground where the transition to the skybox is. This will be later fixed by “cleverly placed” obstacles and lighting restriction. but goes for a good reminder, dont put your skybox too close.

The 2nd to 3rd floor stairs or spiral stairs where a bit of a problem. Mostly not knowing you cant make func_breakable_surfs at odd angles. thus caused the object to reset to a sqare shape when br0ken I instead changed all the odd angled glass pieces to func_breakable and all the normal ones to Func_breakable_surfs.


This is where i got the term 888 for the airplane’s model. but more these are stand-ins for something later. What these are supposed to be are tv screens. (yes I know the other side is animated) Later on I am going to replace them all with a custom texture for a television screen.


This spot is very argumentative in my book. although its simple enough Ive been thinking about making a hatch here to the cargo area below. such a thing would be a closed hatch that could be shot from the top to let it fall on hinges to the lower floor. depending on how game play works I may add it in.


Ah the infamous windows. This is what kept me from releasing this map a month ago. These windows seem innocent enough. until you run them through the vis compiler then they turn into a jagged mess of leafs. In the end and after 3 remakes of all the windows. I had to scrap them entirely. what you see is really a func_detail box with a skybox behind it. the windows and a good section of the wall is the func_detail. This way when it goes through the vis It sees only one large window instead of 3 detailed windows.


One final thing of note is the doors from the Cargo bay to kitchen. It seems in ep1 the Trigger_multiple entity  cannot send onstarttouchall output. so after much annoyance and a few forum posts. I was forced to you a touch timer instead. (you touch the door it opens then a few seconds later it closes.) I already found the solution to it by using a trigger_multiple with onstarttouch and onendtouchall, but this will cause unneeded outputs to be sent. something I don’t really like to do in maps.

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