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Quick Tips

Last update: 11/15/09

This will be updated whenever I remember a good tip for mappers to know..

-2d window color cheat sheet(for Tf2)

blue-green(and anything in-between) = World Brushes

purple(or pink) = entities (brush enitites included)

brown = grouped objects

white = carved brushed

red = Last selected object.

light blue =props

yellow =static props when zoomed out.)

orange = Path_track line

dark blue =env_cubemap

yellow dotted line = select tool selection

white dotted line =block tool

red dotted line =Cordon tool

last selected assumption: When making new brushes in the 2d window It will assume the missing coordinate by the last selected object. So If you are making a box in the X/Y window It will guess Z as the last selected object’s Z depth.

Window shift bug
this happens to me a lot. When you first start up hammer you may be subjected to this bug where you cannot use any tool and are stuck in camera mode(can only zoom and scroll) although I don’t know how it happens. you can easily fix it by hitting the spacebar.

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