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September 6, 2009 4 comments

So I’ve released the first version of my first neotokyo map.

It was a quite different to work in the older version of hammer(you get used to all the spiffy new features of orange box hammer.)  The map was designed biased on a concept of a level from a “perfect” game.*wink wink* As usual each of my maps have a kind of story behind them. In this one the Jinrai have set up a base here with the front of a club.  However This all goes the hell when the NSF find out. As the NSF strike team is on approach the area is closed off by Police and the Jinrai get ready for war.

In the map I tried to convey the story, By the Defenders Spawning in the club, the knocked out secret panels that lead to a warehouse with lots of Jinrai equipment.

The biggest problem on the map was Lighting, Due to the high buildings much of the map got covered in shadow. It took me several tries to get a balance between light and dark. One Thing I wanted to feature was dark spots for recons to hide in, One such spot was some stairs in a maintenance room There was three lights here origonaly one at the top of the stairs, one on the workbench and one in the back. I decided to remove the light in the back that blacked out half of the room. thus allowing a reacon to hide behind some “conveniently placed” boxes. With the proximity to the capture zone, I can see a recon from the attacker side dropping a detpack in the waterway then hiding in there. However recons have to be extra careful not to be discovered there as there is no escape if you are spotted.

The second feature was the flow of the map. As a tribes player I always think vertically, Thus I placed a sky walk into the map that allows both teams a route that doesn’t even touch the ground. This route is mostly cut off from the rest of the map. with only 3 exits from it. one on each end and in the middle. The tradeoff is a large view of the battle below through unbreakable (but penetrate-able.) glass. the Skywalk was designed to be a excellent sniper spot however shooting through glass can be a bit hard as if you shoot diagonally your bullet could be stopped.

Finally the No mans land in the center of the map. the street in the center is designed to be the quickest route but the most costly, nearly ever other route has view of the street in some way.  Thus causing anyone going this way to be exposed. Ideally the map is designed for part of the team to take the side routes while three or four shoot through the street. while the others move into better positions.

PICS of the map

The key vista on the map.

a food court on the sky-walk.

a small sushi Restaurant that the player can walk through.

a dark passage with only a vending machine to light it. (this turned out really good.)

you can download the map here.

Soo, Whats next for me in Neotokyo?

Ive been thinking on what map I want to do next. people follow my tf2 maps may notice I usually work on 3 maps at a time. (so I don’t get burned out of any one map. )

Here are some ideas of maps Im going to do next
-a small Siege map where one team defends a small house in the suburbs and the other team charges. There will be a 60 sec setup while the attackers surround the house.

-fully model building where one team spawns on the roof and the other on the ground floor. with about four floors each fully models(no large blocks)

-Run down refugee apartments, parts are broken and there’s rickety wood bridges connecting the two apartments. Including destroyable ones that drop people to their death >:)

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