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Mapping in NeoTokyo

For those of you Who don’t know what NeoTokyo is I Highly suggest heading over to their site at http://www.neotokyohq.com/ and download the mod.

NeoTokyo is a source mod game (meaning its free to anyone with a source game.) biased heavily on the Ghost in the Shell Anime. Its a very well polished and fun game.

And I’m making a map for it!

Its called Intrusion and is set on the busy streets of Tokyo.

I originally worked in Team fortress 2 sdk so its pretty similar however there are several “bugs” you gotta watch out for..

First is when you first load a map this happens(for me at least..)

3d bug when first loading a map.

3d bug when first loading a map.

the 3d screen is black…. Well its not black, a little looking in and I found that its actually really really far off from the map. This can be fixed by selecting anything in the map and centering the 3d view on it. (under View menu)

with that here it is!

In hammer Rendering of my map.

In hammer Rendering of my map.

Yeah Its hammer rendered, but I don’t have it lighted yet.

OK then a few problems Ive found with working in the neotokyo Sdk.

First many of models are very picky on what they can and can’t be (prop_static,dynamic,physics). This can cause some of your props to disappear when you go to test the map. So, Before you Run your map fully, Do a bsp test on it, (when running the map select normal for BSP and No For Vis and Rad) This will check all the props and if the model can be used by the prop entity. Although it seems it will only catch a part of them. Certian Models Say they can work with Dynamic and Disappear when Compiled. What I did was used Prop_Dynamic_override on them. That forces them into the Prop_dynamic. Just make sure to check What props can be used with what models in the model view. It will tell you in The Info tab of the model Browser. If Static is uncheked, The model may disappear when compiled.

Make sure to check what models can be used with what props.

Make sure to check what models can be used with what props.

While where on the model browser, Theres one model that Crashes Hammer for me. It’s “nt/props_office/fireext.mdl” SAVE BEFORE CLICKING ON THIS MODEL! It may crash your Hammer. If it does make a note and be careful browseing models.

Next, a bit of info on NT.
I dont know the exact collision dimensions of the NT classes but ive gotten a good estimate, For one For any normal “doorway” the space should be 40 units x80 units That should be a great fit for Recon and Assaults, Supports may need some guideing into the doorway with playercliped sides.

I needed 3 Clip feild to make this door smooth to enter.

I needed 3 Clip feilds to make this door smooth to enter.

Nottice the Clip feild on the bottom? Seems If the ceiling is too low the game wont allow the player to step up even if he can fit… strange but eassily fixed with a slope.

As for Needed entities Make sure you always have the “neo_game_config” and “neo_bloom_controller” On your map somewhere the game config is needed if you want to play capture the ghost on your map. the Bloom Controller is needed because the game defaults bloom to 1.0 (ie blinding sun).. an “Info_player_start” is good to have as well as it is used as the camera when you first enter the game.

As for setting up Capture the ghost Its not that hard if you know hammer. Just pick some spots for the ghost to drop and put “neo_ghostspawnpoint” at each one, the game will randomly pick a point each round. after that place “neo_ghost_retrieval_point” where you want the cap points to be. Since teams change sides each round Hammer works in attacker/defender Instead ofย  NSF/Jinrai such as the spawn points being “info_player_attacker” and “info_player_defender”

Now that you’ve gotten a bit of a crash core in NeoTokyo Mapping, If you want to make some maps yourself Heres the FDG I use, complete with Icons made by me.

10/25/09 UPDATE offical SDK is out no need for the unofficial one now. Link to the official one below.


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  1. FoX
    January 18, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    I do very like the NeotokyoMod and I randomly found this Site as I have tried to find some Infos about NT Mapping

    Actually I have no Idea how to work with Hammer at all, so I was hoping to find out, that someone already did what I would like to have. Noone did. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    My wish is to have some Maps like the CSS Gungame Maps in Lego or Simpsons Style for NT.

    Even Conversions of those would be great!

    I have 2 reasons why I would like to play NT with this Kind of Maps.

    1. I simply can’t enjoy NT on the currentt Kind of Maps, because my PC is too week for much detailed Maps with high Quality Textures. (fps drops to 10)
    I got the same Problem in CSS with big impressive Maps, but Legomaps run without any lag.

    2. Even if I could run NT maxed out on current Maps without lagging, I would welcome Legomaps because they make the Gameplay a bit more pure I think, because of the Symmetry, the clear field of View, the logical Structures and the Fact, that you move more free through the Map without get accidently caught on lampposts or toolboxes all the Time. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I saw People who said they are affraid of Mappers, wich probably create cheap and simple Maps for this HQ Mod.

    I don’t realy get it.
    Sure Style is very important and it is very impressive, to see unbelievable detailed Worlds, wich some Mappers are abled to create, but this kind of Mapping is almost some Independend Art.

    But I don’t think, that much Details and realistic looking makes a Map much more Funny to play with.
    The Structure and the Idea is what is the most important Thing for Gameplay.

    If both is good, a nice Looking, wich could be created only with Use of Colors and Lights, makes a Map fully enjoyable.

    Thats my Opinion. xD

    So to come to an End :p I seriously can’t wait, to see me holding the Ghost in a world of Cubes, so I would even Pay for converted, 100% working, Lego Maps. (as the ones used in Gungame CSS)

    I’m not rich, but I think we find a Range wich make both Sites happy.

    If you are Interested, send me E-mail to fox86@live.de

    Sorry for bad English. ^ ^

  2. Jordan
    May 12, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    Super noob question, how do I get hammer to recognize Neotokyo so I can even edit the maps?

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