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Ok, I’m starting this blog for a few reasons…. 1)Because Source mapping is easy, but many little problems can make it hard. 2)I love video games but I really want to make games. 3)Im hoping to get some response to my games, other than throwing them out and hoping someone sees them.

Anyways, Hello, the names Zero Rogue, self appointed insane genius. Currently Im most known for My Mapping skills in Team Fortress 2 (forever now mentioned as TF2) However I hope that will change soon as I have many ideas for games and Its my hope I can get them out Into the public eye.

In this blog I’ll make comments about Source mapping, my game development, as well as other things.

For now Ive been working off/on on about 10 or so projects, The biggest being:

1)Project Tac-Com, A 2d turn baised top down strategy game.

2)Intrusion , a map for the New mod NeoTokyo.

3)various tf2 maps.

Right then, Time to take over the world….of gaming..

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